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Purpose: If a host required participants to register before a meeting and/or participate in a poll question during the meeting, a report can be created reflecting results from either option. Reports would comprise of the participant’s information, based on what was entered when they registered, and the answers they selected while participating in poll questions. Instructors may use these reports to benefit attendance and participation recording as necessary.

Purpose: Breakout rooms can be created using a CSV file import if hosts desire to divide a large number of users with ease. Zoom provides a template CSV file for hosts to download and complete that can then be imported into a newly scheduled Zoom meeting. Hosts must enable the “Breakout Room” feature and have the “Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling” feature turned on to complete these steps.

Purpose: Zoom meetings can be recorded to the Zoom Cloud, or website, by any host if desired. Participants may even record meetings if the host permits it. Saving meetings to the Zoom Cloud, allows users to house their recordings in an available space without using their computer’s memory. In addition, users may share with others or on a Canvas course when needed. However, recordings will only be available online for up to 120 days, or 4 months.

Purpose: When recording a Zoom meeting to the Cloud, users have the option to enable audio transcriptions. This allows the recorded video to display spoken audio in a time stamped, typed format for viewers to read while watching. Audio transcriptions are automatically processed, but the feature is only available if the user records the meeting to the Zoom Cloud. It is not available if recording locally to a computer’s desktop.

**Always review and edit transcriptions before sharing with others to avoid errors.**

Purpose: ASU Canvas courses will automatically have the default “ASU Grading Scheme” attached. However, if instructors have their own unique grading scheme for a course, they may easily create and use it instead.

***Please check with your department to make sure there is not already a set grading scheme that is required to be used on courses before performing these steps.