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Purpose: The waiting room feature in Zoom allows hosts to review participants before they enter the active Zoom meeting. Hosts will be able to admit or remove participants as desired and even message them if needed. It is recommended that hosts secure their Zoom meetings, like using waiting rooms, to avoid unwelcome participants and prevent in-meeting issues. The waiting room feature can be enabled through the hosts ASU Zoom account on asu.zoom.us or during the meeting through the “Security” icon in the Zoom room’s tool bar.

Purpose: Hosts may use the “Portion of Screen” feature to select a specific area on their desktop to share through Zoom. This allows hosts to limit what participants view through Zoom, while having other content on their screen available such as notes on a PowerPoint.

Purpose: If instructors wish to grade students without revealing their respective names, or have graders that must grade each submission anonymously, there are options to hide student names or set up “Anonymous Grading”. In Canvas, there are two ways to perform this, either through SpeedGrader or the feature option “Anonymous Grading”.

The main differences between the two options are:

Purpose: Users in Canvas may select to display a pronoun next to their name that represents themselves for a course. This is an optional setting and must be completed by the user in their Canvas account.

Purpose: Users who are using Zoom for the first time at ASU must authenticate their accounts through asu.zoom.us before being able to use Zoom as a licensed host. In addition, some ASU-hosted Zoom meetings will limit who joins a room based on their domain account such as asu.edu users only. Therefore, it is important users log into Zoom using their ASU credentials before joining an ASU-hosted Zoom meeting whether joining from the Zoom website, mobile application, or desktop application.