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Purpose: Ally is a third-party tool enabled at ASU to provide accessibility scores on files housed in a Canvas course. Accessibility scores show instructors how accommodating their content is for a student with disabilities and meets accessibility standards. The Ally Dashboard in a Canvas course provides an overall accessibility score for the course in addition to breaking down what documents need their scores improved.

**Students will NOT be able to see this navigation link in the Canvas course. This link is only for instructors.**

Purpose: Respondus Monitor can be enabled on a Canvas quiz to require students to be video recorded by their web cameras while taking an assessment in Respondus Lockdown browser. After taking an exam, instructors will receive instant feedback with video time stamps on any facial issues recognized throughout the duration of the exam. Instructors should review attempts that are flagged as medium to high priority to ensure there are no academic integrity issues.

Purpose: Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor are online proctoring tools that can be enabled by the instructor on a Canvas quiz to deter students from cheating. Respondus Lockdown Browser is a web browser that prevents test takers from opening other, third-party, tools on their desktop computer while take an assessment with it.

Purpose: Zoom allows hosts to assign alternative hosts when scheduling a meeting or appoint a participant in a meeting as a co-host. These titles allow users to act like a host with similar privileges and assist the main host if needed. Co-hosts can only be appointed during an active Zoom meeting and cannot start a meeting before the host, while alternative hosts may start a meeting for a host and are appointed when scheduling a Zoom meeting.

Purpose: Assignments in Canvas can have due dates and availability dates set which allow instructors to know when students submit an assignment on time and control when they can access the submission link. If an instructor has copied assignments over from a previous semester, the assignment due dates and availability dates from that previous semester will also follow. By using the “Edit Assignment Dates” feature in Canvas, instructors can edit multiple assignments’ due dates and availability dates quickly and easily in one place.