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Purpose: In MyASU, under “My Classes”, an “Attend” button will be available next to a class’s title for students to join via Zoom. By default, the instructor’s personal meeting room will be linked to the button. If a different Zoom room should be used, instructors may update the room link via the “Class Tools” icon to the right. A new room can be automatically created to their Zoom account (scheduled as a recurring meeting) from MyASU or the instructor may enter a zoom room number they already created (should be scheduled as recurring).

Purpose: Slack channels are communication spaces that can be created and organized based on different topics or different groups of users in a workspace. Any Slack user in their designated workspace can create public or private channels. Public channels allows other users to locate and join them voluntarily, while private channels must have members invited to them by others already in that channel.

Purpose: A workspace in Slack can be customized to include automatic responses triggered by set words or phrases. When Slack users in the workspace send a message including the trigger word or phrase, Slackbot will instantly send the connected response. Workspace administrators or users with permission can create as many custom responses as needed. Instructors are encouraged to use the feature in their course workspaces for commonly asked items such as the syllabus or course schedule.

Purpose: The Zoom conferencing tools allows a host to mark annotations on their shared screen during a meeting to highlight items to viewing participants. Additionally, hosts can use the whiteboard to draw as a presentation if needed. Participants, if allowed, can also provide their own annotations onto a shared screen or whiteboard as needed.

Purpose: Canvas allows users to contribute to feature ideas that help improve designing and working in Canvas LMS. Ideas that are created, can be voted on to see how many users desire the same feature and which ones should be implemented first. Check the Canvas Community Ideas frequently to see what new ideas may already be suggested and in need of vote ups.