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Purpose: Slack mobile is available to all users of Slack. ASU faculty, staff, and students who have already authenticated their accounts may download and access their Slack workspaces from the Slack mobile application. The application makes it easy to get all your Slack messages on the go and in one place.

Purpose: Yellowdig is a third party tool available in ASU Canvas courses for discussion purposes. Members in a course will interact on one board to automatically earn points for completed tasks such as pinning, commenting, and liking peer’s pins. Instructors may provide prompts for each pin that is created or have users contribute to one topic several times throughout the course’s duration. Points from Yellowdig will passback, if enabled, to each student’s Canvas grade.

Purpose: Default channels in Slack allows workspace administrators to set the channels that should appear for new members joining the workspace. New members will also already be joined into the default channels and can start messaging within them instantly.

Purpose: Users utilizing more than one monitor to work may set up Zoom to accommodate displaying items on different screens. By using “dual monitors”, hosts or participants of a Zoom room may have one screen showing the room’s shared content in full screen while the other displays participants’ videos and other opened Zoom tools such as the participant list or chat room.

Purpose: In MyASU, under “My Classes”, an “Attend” button will be available next to a class’s title for students to join via Zoom. By default, the instructor’s personal meeting room will be linked to the button. If a different Zoom room should be used, instructors may update the room link via the “Class Tools” icon to the right. A new room can be automatically created to their Zoom account (scheduled as a recurring meeting) from MyASU or the instructor may enter a zoom room number they already created (should be scheduled as recurring).