LMS Migration

Learning Management System RFP Award

After a 20 month process that included pilot courses in multiple LMS environments, conversations with peer institutions, vendor presentations, and public Q&A sessions with vendors, ASU has selected Canvas by Instructure as the campuswide Learning Management System (LMS).

Developed by Instructure, Inc., the Canvas learning management system (LMS) includes most of the standard tools found in open source and commercial management systems (assignments, discussions, announcements, quizzes, syllabus, etc.) as well as enhanced tools and features for communication, collaboration, and assessment, including real-time web conferencing, a multimedia recorder, a Google Docs integration, outcomes and rubrics, and course analytics.

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ASU's current Blackboard LMS will run in parallel to Canvas and may be used for courses until the end of the 2019 Spring semester. Blackboard will be unavailable to users after June 30, 2019.

ASU’s transition to the cloud-hosted Canvas solution will offer faculty significant opportunities to reimagine their courses and leverage a range of new teaching and learning services for their students.

We will be offering robust training and support during the 18 month transition period to Canvas, and will allocate additional instructional design resources to work with the Colleges in migrating the course offerings.

April 2018 onward

  • Early adopters who are proficient in Canvas may build courses
  • UTO support staff will train on the new LMS
  • UTO will hire and train staff to assist with course migrations

Summer B Session 2018

  • Early adopters may deploy courses in Canvas.
  • 24x7 technical support will be available via the ASU Help Center

Summer 2018 - Summer 2020

  • UTO Instructional Technologist will provide support as needed to instructors migrating their courses to Canvas

Spring 2019

  • All remaining courses need to be migrated from Blackboard to Canvas

Summer 2019

  • All courses will be offered in Canvas.
  • Blackboard will no longer be available for general access

June 30th, 2019 onward

  • Canvas will be ASU's centrally supported Learning Management System.
  • Blackboard data will remain available for 2 years to system administrators, in case of grade challenges and incompletes. Any instructors needing to access course data would need to open a ticket with the LMS support team and the data will be extracted and shared. Any students needing to complete course work will need to do it in the Canvas environment.

More to come

Please check back with us regularly, as more resources will be made available in the coming weeks.  If you are ready to get started learning about Canvas now, you can explore Canvas' support documentation and keep up-to-date with Canvas feature requestsdiscussions, and release notes.