How to Use the [New] Rich Content Editor

Purpose: As of January 16, 2021, Instructure has deployed a new version of the Canvas Rich Content Editor for all courses and accounts in Canvas. The “New” Rich Content Editor (RCE) is an updated version of the text editor provided when creating or editing a Canvas announcement, page, assignment, discussion, or quiz. Users can type and format text, add items such as files or links, and insert third party tool integrations in the text box space provided.

**It is advised to not upload video files directly in Canvas but to upload them to MediaAMP, an ASU-licensed streaming site, then post or embed the video into Canvas. This alleviates course space as each course is limited to 2 gigabytes only.**

**Each course in a different Canvas department account may have different third party tools available to use. If you wish to use a tool not available to you, please reach out to the LX Design team or Experience Center and ask if it is available for your department and how to proceed with a request for it.**

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