How to Update the Zoom Link on MyASU

Purpose: In MyASU, under “My Classes”, an “Attend” button will be available next to a class’s title for students to join via Zoom. By default, the instructor’s personal meeting room will be linked to the button. If a different Zoom room should be used, instructors may update the room link via the “Class Tools” icon to the right. A new room can be automatically created to their Zoom account (scheduled as a recurring meeting) from MyASU or the instructor may enter a zoom room number they already created (should be scheduled as recurring).

**If more than one instructor is listed to teach a class, by default all their personal zoom rooms will appear as buttons to the student, corresponding to their last names. However, if a new room is created or set via the “Change this” option, only one button will appear and all other instructors will be made alternative hosts.**

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