How to Import from Commons

Purpose: Canvas Commons is an open source resource center for instructors to search and use lesson ideas that have been created and uploaded by other instructors using Canvas in various grade levels (K - Higher Education). Instructors have voluntarily provided their materials for other instructors to use in their versions of Canvas. Please be cautious in selecting material that fits your grade level and subject needs.

Arizona State University also has their own Canvas Commons, institution-locked group where materials are only accessible by ASU staff or faculty with a “Teacher” role or similar in Canvas. Student roles will not have access to any Canvas Commons.

**Commons will NOT pull material from your Canvas course and upload it to the system. The instructor must share their work to Commons voluntarily if they would like other instructors to gain access.**

**Your department or school may have their own locked Commons group which material is being shared on. If you do not find material under the ASU group, please speak with your Canvas Liaison or Instructional Designer for more information**

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