How to Enable Turnitin for Online Assignments

Purpose: Turnitin (TII) is hosted in Canvas and the licensed plagiarism checker by ASU. It provides instructors and students an originality report of their submitted, text-based work. Only assignments that are “Online” submission types and have “Text entry” and/or “File Uploads” entry options selected can use Turnitin. Please refer to the resources below on which text-based file types are accepted by Turnitin. Additionally, Turnitin cannot be used on Discussions or items attached in Discussions.

**All submissions in SafeAssign from Blackboard have been stored into the Turnitin Institution Repository, so any current student submissions will be checked against past ASU submissions.**

**Currently, ASU has only licensed Turnitin plagiarism checker. Any other features from Turnitin are not available.**

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