How to Change a Profile Picture in Canvas

Purpose: ASU Canvas allows users to update their profile pictures in their Canvas accounts. Instructors are encouraged to update their profile pictures so students can recognize their professors accordingly. Students cannot be required to upload a profile picture, but it is also encouraged to create a in-person like classroom environment.

**The feature “Take a Picture” must have the camera enabled in the web browser. The web browser used CANNOT be Safari or Internet Explorer.**

**Users can report/flag inappropriate images found in ASU Canvas, however, please be sure the image is indeed inappropriate before flagging as the UTO-AT team must investigate all reported incidences**

Other resources:
Canvas Guide: How do I add a profile picture in my user account as an instructor?
Canvas Guide: How do I view a user's profile in a course as an instructor?(See: Report Profile Picture)
email the LMS Migration team
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