How to Add Yellowdig to an Assignment and Course Navigation in Canvas

Purpose: Yellowdig is a third party tool available in ASU Canvas courses for discussion purposes. Members in a course will interact on one board to automatically earn points for completed tasks such as pinning, commenting, and liking peer’s pins. Instructors may provide prompts for each pin that is created or have users contribute to one topic several times throughout the course’s duration. Points from Yellowdig will passback, if enabled, to each student’s Canvas grade.

If you do not see Yellowdig as an External Tool option, please contact your department to request to have it added to the College’s Canvas account. The Yellowdig license is current until Summer 2022, university-wide.

Students must access Yellowdig through only one Canvas assignment in order for grade passback to sync correctly. It may take several hours before scores appear from Yellowdig to Canvas.

Yellowdig points will accumulate up to the total assignment grade. Therefore, in order to not negatively affect students’ total grades, check on “Do not count this assignment towards the final grade” in the assignment settings and then check it off towards the end of the semester.

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